Lifting Straps Red



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Lifting Straps Red
Lifting Straps Red

Worry less about your grip, and focus on lifting heavier with UPPPER Red Lifting Straps. In a bold red color to help fire you up for your heavy leg and back days, and featuring a closed-loop design that allows you to easily secure your wrist to the weight.

The benefits of lifting straps are insurmountable. They help reduce the workload from your grip and forearm and secure the weight to your hand so you are able to lift heavy without worrying about the weight slipping out of your hand or your grip giving in. Meaning you’re able to lift heavier and make progress on key pulling exercises which include deadlifts, shrugs, and barbell rows.



  • Color: Red
  • Measurements: 25" x 1.5" / 63cm x 4cm
  • Made from Cotton and Neoprene.


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Lifting Straps Red
Lifting Straps Red

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