• Wrist Wraps White 2.0

Wrist Wraps White 2.0

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Pay in 4 installments of $5.00

Minimum order value of $35.00

If you love to push heavy weights and hit new PRs then add UPPPER White Wrist Wraps in your gym bag! An all-white durable design featuring our logo in black, but the best part about them is how thick and durable they are! In addition, all of our Wrist Wraps 2.0 are 19" long and 3" wide, the perfect length needed to provide wrist support and stability for heavy lifts. And the 19" length makes it easier for you to wrap around to a wide range of desired tension adjustments, so you can always get the perfect compression!

Use our Wrist Wraps anytime you're pressing or going overhead and need additional support to push through the heavy weight.



  • Color: White
  • Measurements: 19.5" x 3.15" / 49.5cm x 8cm
  • Strong Velcro material keeps Wrist Wraps in place.
  • Made from polyester.

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