• Resistance Band Khaki (Heavy)
  • Resistance Band Khaki (Heavy)

Resistance Band Khaki (Heavy)

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Train multiple lower body muscle groups without having to use several pieces of equipment, all you need is our Khaki Resistance Band. This band gives your muscles a heavy resistance to work against, and when you’re pushing against that resistance your muscles have to fight against it throughout the entire movement. Thus helping you build muscle effectively at home or at the gym! 

UPPPER Resistance Bands are lightweight, versatile, and made from a comfortable fabric, and feature a non-slip grip, so you’ll never have to worry about the bands moving around, tearing or breaking while you train.


Band Size:

  • Small/Medium for people under 150lbs / 68kg
  • Large/X-Large for people over 150lbs / 68kg

Band Measurements:

  • Small/Medium - 13" x 3" / 33cm x 8cm
  • Large/X-Large - 15" x 3" / 38cm x 8cm



  • Resistance: Heavy
  • Color: Khaki
  • Non-slip grip will keep the band in place.
  • Made from a custom cotton, polyester, latex silk and rubber blend.

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