• Long Resistance Band Green Ombré (Extra Heavy)

Long Resistance Band Green Ombré (Extra Heavy)

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The stylish extra heavy long resistance band you’ve been waiting for – Green Ombré. A part of our Spring 2021 Collection, Green Ombré features a beautiful shade of blue and green that blends together perfectly. Aside from being stylish, it provides your muscle with an extra heavy resistance that will have your muscles working hard throughout the entire exercise. Use it in addition to your gym workouts, or create your own full-body home workout to really work up a sweat, no free weights needed!

Unlike latex bands, UPPPER Long Bands are designed to be comfortable and durable. So, you never have to worry about the band tearing or snapping during your workout!


  • One Size


  • 82” x 1.5” / 208cm x 3.8cm


  • Resistance: Extra Heavy
  • Color: Green Ombré
  • Made from a custom cotton, polyester, latex silk and rubber blend.

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