• Long Resistance Band Pink (Light)

Long Resistance Band Pink (Light)

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Up your warm-up and muscle activation game with our Pink Long Resistance Band! A proper warm-up prepares your muscles for heavy weight lifting, and our light long resistance band is the perfect tool to do just that. Made from a custom cotton blend to ensure durability and comfort, this light long band will help stretch your upper body and activate your muscles so they’re ready for heavier weights. That’s not all. If you’re new to strength training, you can use our Pink Long Resistance Band to help get you started on your weightlifting journey!

Cute, convenient, versatile, and durable; all wrapped in a beautiful matching carrying case so you can easily fit them in your gym bag!


  • One Size


  • 82” x 1.5” / 208cm x 3.8cm


  • Resistance: Light
  • Color: Pink
  • Made from a custom cotton, polyester, latex silk and rubber blend.

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