• Long Resistance Band Peach (Heavy)

Long Resistance Band Peach (Heavy)

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Don’t have heavy weights at home, but need to have a quick and effective full-body home workout? Our Peach Long Resistance Band is the ideal solution! This heavy resistance long band provides a heavy tension for your muscles to work against, thus making your muscles work harder as they fight against the resistance. You can use it for upper and lower body exercises like front squats, shoulder press, bent-over rows, tricep kickbacks, good mornings, and more!

Our long bands are made from a custom cotton blend that is built to last - no snapping or tearing. They are versatile, effective, convenient, and can easily be taken on-the-go with the free matching mesh bag it comes with!


  • One Size


  • 82” x 1.5” / 208cm x 3.8cm


  • Resistance: Heavy
  • Color: Peach
  • Made from a custom cotton, polyester, latex silk and rubber blend.

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