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UPPPER’s Summer ‘22 Sale: What You Need To Know

by Evelyn Valdez

Get ready because summer is about to get a whole lot better! UPPPER’s Summer 2022 Sale is happening this Friday, July 1st, starting at 12 p.m. eastern standard time.

Our summer sale is one of two huge sales we have every year, so this is one you definitely don’t want to miss! But before the sale starts, we want to give you a heads up on what to expect on July 1st… keep on reading to learn more about what products will be on sale, prices, and the sale end date!


Ankle Straps

First on our sales list are our amazing Ankle Straps! The original price on a pair of UPPPER Ankle Straps is $25 but during the sale…

  • Yellow Ankle Straps will be marked down to $18 
  • Lavender, Pink, Black, and Red will be marked down to $20

Don’t miss out on getting a pair of these! Our Ankle Straps are not your ordinary uncomfortable, flimsy ankle straps at the gym. All UPPPER Ankle Straps are made with a microfiber vegan leather exterior, and the interior is made with a soft padded material so your ankles stay comfortable throughout your entire cable leg workout.

They also feature a double D-ring cable attachment so you can easily secure them to the cable machine and perform various lower body exercises, including cable glute kickbacks, side leg raises, and more!


Barbell Pads

If you want to start hip thrusting and squatting comfortably and hit PRs, use a UPPPER Barbell Pad! Our Barbell pads are originally priced at $25 but during the sale…

  • White Barbell Pads will be marked down to $17
  • Pink, Grey, Khaki, Red, and Yellow Barbell Pads will be marked down to $20

What about Blue, Peach, and Lavender Barbell Pads?

Unfortunately, those will not be on sale :(

On the upside, all of our Barbell Pads do the same thing – protect your neck, shoulder, and hips from the heavy barbell. By adding a barbell pad to barbell exercises that make direct contact with your body (like hip thrusts, glute bridges, etc.) you’ll protect yourself from potential bruising. Specifically, UPPPER’s Barbell Pads will help you increase the weight on these important exercises! All of our Barbell Pads feature 1.5" foam padding that is protected and wrapped with vegan leather so it doesn't rip or absorb sweat, and it features a velcro lining to prevent it from moving around.


Lifting Belts

Lifting Belts are by far our most popular and loved product – but we think all of our fitness gear is amazing! So, if you need a great, supportive lifting belt then UPPPER Belts are the answer you’ve been looking for.

Our customers love our weight lifting belts for many reasons. First, they’re stylish! They come in various colors to match your many gym outfits and feature the UPPPER logo diagonally on the back. Second, and most importantly, they’re designed to be tough and supportive. Our Lifting Belts are made from high-quality vegan leather that is resistant to any abrasions (so it doesn’t wear out fast), features internal padding for extra comfort, and features a double prong metal buckle for maximal security. These features are designed to provide a wall for your core to push against in an effort to stabilize your spine and reduce stress on your lower back while helping you stay tight throughout the entire movement.

Using UPPPER Belts will help you lift safely, confidently, and help you hit PRs on deadlifts, squats, barbell rows, and more important pulling exercises.

The original price of our belts is currently $40, but the price will increase to $45 after the sale ends! So, if you’ve been needing a supportive lifting belt, now is the time to get one. Here’s what our belts will be marked down to during the sale…

  • Yellow Lifting Belts will be marked down to $32
  • Baby Blue, Peach, Lavender, White, Yellow, Red, Grey, Khaki, Pink, and Black Lifting Belts will be marked down to $35

Lifting Straps

Lifting belts are a gym bag must-have but don’t forget a matching pair of lifting straps to help you even further on heavy lifts! UPPPER Lifting Straps are originally $15 but during the sale…

  • Blue, Lavender, Red, Grey, Khaki, and Black Lifting Straps will be marked down to $12
  • Pink Lifting Straps will be restocked Tuesday and will not be marked down.

UPPPER Lifting Straps will help protect your grip when you need it the most. They are made with comfortable cotton material, feature added padded support, and are easily adjustable so you can wrap and connect your hand to any weight. This will help improve your traction, protect your grip, and minimize your risk of injury on important pulling exercises, like deadlifts and barbell rows.


Resistance Bands

Things are going to heat up quickly… all UPPPER Resistance Bands (short and long) are going to be 50% off!

Upgrade your latex resistance bands (that are uncomfortable and easily rip) for UPPPER Resistance Bands. All of our bands are made with high-quality fabric and our short bands even include a non-slip grip on the inside to make sure the band always stays in place and doesn’t rip or roll up! Our Short Resistance Bands come in three resistance levels - light, medium, and heavy. While our Long Resistance Bands come in four resistance levels - light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy. That way you can have different resistances for different exercises!

And don’t mistake resistance bands as only a piece of home workout equipment, there’s so much more you can do! Long and short bands are great for warm-up exercises, and glute activation exercises, and even make a great tool for supersets. They’re extremely versatile so you can use them whenever you need to do a quick home workout or pack them in your gym bag so you can make your gym workouts even better!


Wrist Wraps

Last, but certainly not least, UPPPER Wrist Wraps! Our Wrist Wraps are originally $20 but during the sale they will be marked down to…

  • Yellow Wrist Wraps will be marked down to $12
  • Red, Lavender, Pink, Khaki, Grey, and Black Wrist Wraps will be marked down to $15.

For those who don’t know, we’ve upgraded UPPPER Wrist Wraps to a 2.0 version. They’re now longer, thicker, and stiffer to provide your wrist with even more support on maximal pushing exercises. All of our Wrist Wraps 2.0 are 19" long and 3" wide which allows you to easily wrap around your wrist to the desired tension adjustment and secure it with strong velcro for security! This in turn helps protect and stabilize your wrist during heavy pushing exercises, like bench presses and shoulder presses.

Add Wrist Wraps, to your Lifting Belt and Lifting Straps collection to make the ultimate lifting trio!


What else can you expect?

Besides the amazing deals, let’s highlight some important questions…

When does the sale end?

The sale will end on July 10th, 11:59 p.m. eastern standard time.

Can discounts be applied on sale items?

Yes, if you have a birthday code (from signing up for our newsletter), you will be able to apply it during the sale.

How soon will I get my order?

Our sales are HUGE, which means tons and tons of orders to fulfill! We always prioritize shipping out products as soon as possible, especially during our sales, but with a huge influx of orders it can take us up to a week to have your order shipped out. Once your order is out of our warehouse we will email you with tracking information so you can get a better idea of the estimated delivery.


Get your carts ready!

The excitement is on – our biggest Summer sale to date is almost here. Mark your calendars for July 1st, 12 p.m. eastern standard time so you don’t miss out on any of these amazing deals! And remember, the sale will end July 10th, at 11:59 p.m. eastern standard time!

See you soon 😉

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